Lebowskis South

http://www.lebowskis.co.uk/glasgow-southside/ 69 Nithsdale Rd., Glasgow, G41 2AJ

opening hours: mon – sun, 12pm – 12am

Visited in August 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦♦♦ (out of 5)

Knowledge of staff: My waitress was lovely, really friendly and helpful, took all my questions back to the kitchen staff.

Gluten free menu: No gluten free menu here, I’m afraid. Disappointing especially when they were really accommodating and clearly had lots on the menu that was gluten free. Major point off on the My Gluten Free Glasgow rating as a result.

What’s on offer: Burgers! And seriously good ones at that. I was majorly impressed with the gluten free buns – not as crumble-tastic as I’m used to. Big chunky gluten free tats were the business. They also have other dishes that they can do gluten free like pulled lamb, superfood salad and cajun chicken supreme. But, personally, if I were you I wouldn’t pass up the high quality burger experience.

More info: Can’t do burgers without beers? Fear not, Damm Daura gluten free beer is in the house.

Basically… One of the best gluten free burgers in Glasgow.

Pistachio and almond cake

Cream cheese icing is the best thing ever. Sadly, it’s very rare you come across a nice gluten free cake when you’re out and about never mind a nice gluten free cake topped with loads of cream cheese icing. Nevermind, when the craving hits all you need is this recipe!  

For the cake: 

250g unsalted butter (room temperature)

200g caster sugar

4 large eggs

100g ground almonds

100g ground pistachio nuts (shelled, unsalted)

70g plain gluten free flour

1 tsp gluten free baking powder

For the icing: 

50g unsalted butter (room temperature)

300g icing sugar

125g cream cheese (cold)

50g broken unsalted pistachio nuts



  1. Preheat your oven to gas mark 180ºC/350ºF/Gas mark 4 and prepare a loaf-style baking tin with greaseproof paper.
  2. Beat the butter and sugar in a large bowl. I use an electric whisk throughout.
  3. Beat in the eggs one at a time.
  4. If you are using whole pistachios grind (in a food processor for about 90 seconds or with a pestle and mortar) until coarsely ground.
  5. Add the ground pistachios, ground almonds, baking powder and flour into the egg mixture and mix well.
  6. Pour the cake mix into the tin, and bake for 40 – 50 minutes until golden brown on top and a toothpick into the centre comes out clean.
  7. While the cake is cooling, make the icing.
  8. In a bowl combine the butter, cheese and sugar and beat well until smooth.
  9. Roughly chop your pistachios.
  10. Once the cake is cool ice and crumble the pistachios over the top.
  11. YUM.

Pazzo Glasgow

http://pazzoglasgow.com/ 69 Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow, G41 3YR

opening hours: mon – sat, 8.30 – 22.30;  sun, 10.00 – 21.00

Visited in July 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦

Knowledge of staff: I’ve tried Pazzo twice, once in the restaurant for lunch and once for a takeaway pizza. Unfortunately on both occasions I didn’t find the staff very knowledgeable or helpful when it came to explaining their gluten free offer. For example, when ordering the pizza I asked if the pepperoni was gluten free, after being put on hold for less than 5 seconds I was told they didn’t know. Really disappointing that no one checked.

Gluten free menu: There’s no separate gluten free menu, but the main menu says there are gluten free pizza bases and burger buns available. There’s no other indications on the menu about what’s gluten free, sadly.

What’s on offer:  To be honest I’m not completely sure what’s on offer for gluten free folk, the combination of poor menu and not great info from staff left me a little befuddled. Sardinian sausage and bean broth was lovely, pizza was pretty average. Also noticed some gluten free cookies on the counter.

More info: Pazzo Glasgow has just opened so I’m hoping they are open to some feedback from a critical friend.

Basically… An improved gluten free menu would go a long, long way.

Hash browns

Who needs gluten free toast when you can have hashbrowns and gluten free toast?


450g peeled potatoes

120g peeled white onion

2 large eggs

50g plain gluten free flour

75g grated mature cheddar

Handful chopped chives

Salt and pepper

1tbsp vegetable oil (for frying)



  1. Grate the potatoes and onions and leave to drain in a collander. After 30 minutes pat dry with some kitchen roll.
  2. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl (except oil) and mix well.
  3. Pour the oil into a frying pan on a medium heat.
  4. Once the pan is hot, spoon the mixture into the pan and spread into your hashbrown shape (no need for a mould).
  5. Cook on each side for around 7-8 minutes until golden brown.




Las Iguanas

http://www.iguanas.co.uk/ 16-20 West Nile St., Glasgow, G1 2PW

opening hours: mon – thurs, 10.00 – 23.00; fri – sat, 10.00 – 23.30; sun, 10.00 – 22.30

Visited in July 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦♦♦½

Knowledge of staff: Staff were pretty alert to the whole gluten free issue, and made a point of bringing out gluten free dishes separately and straight to those who ordered them which is a good sign. Overall, an easy on the gluten free chat experience thanks to a really thorough gluten free menu.

Gluten free menu: Impressive gluten free menu available, just ask.

What’s on offer: Tons of South American dishes available off their gluten free menu. There’s lots of starters and tapas dishes like taco sharing platters, nachos and ceviche. Over ten choices of main course including the ximxin (chicken and crayfish in a lime and peanut sauce) which was delicious, chilli and steaks. There’s also salads, sides and three choices of pudding. A serious selection!

More info: To complete your gluten free Latin experience they even have Damm Daura a Spanish gluten free beer for £4.50 a bottle.

Basically… Solid choice for yer gluten free fiesta!