Five best gluten free pizzas in Glasgow

There can be a world of pain out there when it comes to gluten free pizza. On the whole it tends to be soggy bottom central with the occasional warmed up Jacob’s Cream Cracker thrown in for good measure.

Not all the big hitters in Glasgow pizza have embraced the gluten free challenge yet: Paesano for example sadly have nothing on offer for gluten free customers. Others like Howlin’ WolfPizza PunksFirebird and Pizza West have gluten free pizzas on their menus but personally I’ve found them to be pretty disappointing.

That being said there are definitely some gems out there worth celebrating – ones that make you want to find the chef and give them a big hug for bringing the joy of pizza back into your life!


I think Bierhalle have nailed their gluten free pizza and it’s the best one I’ve tried in Glasgow. It’s got a great texture, plenty of topping options and it’s buy one get one free. The gluten free pizzas are also the same size as the non-gluten free pizzas – that scores major brownie points with me.



Boom Pizza

These are some top notch gluten free pizzas – nice chewy base and crunchy crust. I think they are Glasgow’s best takeaway pizza option by far and they’re a fraction of the standard price. They also have a couple of gluten free pastas and desserts on the menu.


Boom Pizza

Bella Napoli

Well worth a wee jaunt to Glasgow’s southside for these fresh Italian gluten free pizzas. They are definitely up there among the best in Glasgow – and are particularly generous with their toppings and cheese.


Bella Napoli

Pizza Express

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I think Pizza Express is a really reliable shout for some nice gluten free options. The pizzas are tasty and have a good texture, and are better than Zizzi’s I think. However it has to be said that their gluten free pizzas are embarrassingly small compared to their non-gluten free counterparts!


Pizza Express


I have tried tons of gluten free pizzas in Glasgow and I have to be honest and say that I have really struggled to find another one that belongs on a top 5 list. So for now, this spot goes to good old reliable Goodfellas pepperoni, mushroom and ham frozen pizza. You’ll find it in the freezer section of most big supermarkets – it’s the best frozen gluten free pizza I’ve bought – and only 3 quid a pop.



Next up …  

I’m always on the hunt for the best gluten free places in Glasgow so please let me know if your favourite gluten free pizza is missing off the list. I’m planning some visits to Stereo and Little Italy next as I’ve heard good things… the search continues.


One thought on “Five best gluten free pizzas in Glasgow

  1. Katy says:

    Have you tried Redmonds in Dennistoun? I would say it’s my favourite GF pizza in glasgow. Closely followed by Boom! Redmonds don’t advertise GF on the menu so a lot of people probably don’t know but I would definitely suggest a visit 😊


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