Five best gluten free pizzas in Glasgow

There can be a world of pain out there when it comes to gluten free pizza. On the whole it tends to be soggy bottom central with the occasional warmed up Jacob’s Cream Cracker thrown in for good measure.

Not all the big hitters in Glasgow pizza have embraced the gluten free challenge yet: Paesano for example sadly have nothing on offer for gluten free customers. Others like Howlin’ WolfPizza PunksFirebird and Pizza West have gluten free pizzas on their menus but personally I’ve found them to be pretty disappointing.

That being said there are definitely some gems out there worth celebrating – ones that make you want to find the chef and give them a big hug for bringing the joy of pizza back into your life!


I think Bierhalle have nailed their gluten free pizza and it’s the best one I’ve tried in Glasgow. It’s got a great texture, plenty of topping options and it’s buy one get one free. The gluten free pizzas are also the same size as the non-gluten free pizzas – that scores major brownie points with me.



Boom Pizza

These are some top notch gluten free pizzas – nice chewy base and crunchy crust. I think they are Glasgow’s best takeaway pizza option by far and they’re a fraction of the standard price. They also have a couple of gluten free pastas and desserts on the menu.


Boom Pizza

Bella Napoli

Well worth a wee jaunt to Glasgow’s southside for these fresh Italian gluten free pizzas. They are definitely up there among the best in Glasgow – and are particularly generous with their toppings and cheese.


Bella Napoli

Pizza Express

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but I think Pizza Express is a really reliable shout for some nice gluten free options. The pizzas are tasty and have a good texture, and are better than Zizzi’s I think. However it has to be said that their gluten free pizzas are embarrassingly small compared to their non-gluten free counterparts!


Pizza Express


I have tried tons of gluten free pizzas in Glasgow and I have to be honest and say that I have really struggled to find another one that belongs on a top 5 list. So for now, this spot goes to good old reliable Goodfellas pepperoni, mushroom and ham frozen pizza. You’ll find it in the freezer section of most big supermarkets – it’s the best frozen gluten free pizza I’ve bought – and only 3 quid a pop.



Next up …  

I’m always on the hunt for the best gluten free places in Glasgow so please let me know if your favourite gluten free pizza is missing off the list. I’m planning some visits to Stereo and Little Italy next as I’ve heard good things… the search continues.


Chinaski’s 239 North St, Glasgow, G3 7DL.

opening hours: mon – sun, 11am – 12pm

Visited in December 2016

My gluten free Glasgow rating: ♦♦½ (2.5 out of 5)

Knowledge of staff: staff were really friendly and happy to take questions to the kitchen but they didn’t seem to have had much in the way of training about gluten free requirements.

Gluten free menu: no separate gluten free menu or marked gluten free options on the main menu, but they did provide an allergen list. There were vegan and Christmas menus available, but they weren’t included in the allergen list which was really disappointing.

What’s on offer: There were only 3 non-gluten main meal options available: steak, burger and pan fried chicken. I went for the chicken which came with ham hock, mashed potatoes and salsa verde. It was, to be fair, amazing! The only gluten free dessert was the affogato (and the shortbread pictured wasn’t gluten free by the  way). It would have been nice to have a bigger choice available.

Basically… for one of the best bars in Glasgow, it was an underwhelming gluten free offer.

Riverhill West Nile 3 West Nile St., Glasgow, G1 2PR

opening hours: mon – thurs, 8am – 5pm; fri, 8am – 6pm; sat, 9am – 6pm; sun, 9am – 5pm

Visited in September 2016

*Update November 2016 – Riverhill West Nile is no longer open in the evenings, but still a brilliant choice for breakfast and lunch.

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦♦♦ (4 out of 5)

Knowledge of staff: The staff here were lovely. I had mentioned being coeliac on the phone when I booked the table and when I arrived they were the first to mention it. They talked through how they could adapt the menu and seemed pretty knowledgeable.

Gluten free menu: No gluten free menu or gluten free symbols on the main menu but the staff took time to tell me which dishes I could have. In most situations this is like a high pressured memory game (for both people involved!) but it’s quite a small menu at Riverhill so it was totally fine.

What’s on offer: Can’t exaggerate how delicious the food is here. Squid, chorizo and corn salad was amazing. Beef and polenta main was unbelievable! Fig and pear eton mess was yum. With a small menu to start with, there isn’t a massive choice – but expect pure quality not quantity!

Basically… excellent choice for a fancy wee night.

Halloumi 161 Hope St., Glasgow, G2 2UQ

opening hours: mon – fri, 12pm – 11pm; sat – sun, 12pm – 12am

Visited in September 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦♦♦ (out of 5)

Knowledge of staff: Friendly staff but with such a clearly marked gluten free menu there was no need for awkward coeliac questions. Bonus!

Gluten free menu: All gluten free options are clearly marked on the main menu with GF. Same with the express lunch menu.

What’s on offer: Greek food is pure gluten free! Except all the pitta obviously. This place has loads of gluten free dishes on its Greek tapas style menu. Including dips like houmous and tzatziki, chargrilled meats, dolamdes and moussaka. The halloumi was particularly delicious.

Basically… my big fat gluten free greek tasty munch.

The Bungo 17-21 Nithsdale Rd. G41 2AL

opening hours: every day 10.00 – 00.00

Visited in September 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦ (out of 5)

Knowledge of staff: Brilliant! All the staff are really friendly and knowledgeable, especially the guy who I think is the manager, he really knows his stuff.

Gluten free menu: All gluten free options are clearly marked on the main menu with GFO.

What’s on offer: Loads of amazing options here, for every meal. Bungo do great brunches, as well as having GF starters, mains and deserts if you’re there for lunch or dinner. The houmous, veggie burger and lamb were all delicious. I’m convinced they must have the best GLUTEN FREE ONION RINGS in Glasgow. The burger rolls were so good I asked the waitress what brand they were – I was told they were from a main supplier and mega expensive. Nice that they don’t charge a gluten free supplement.

More info: I was told they have a separate fryer for their gluten free orders – great to know!

Basically… King (or Queen) of the Southside.

Lebowskis South 69 Nithsdale Rd., Glasgow, G41 2AJ

opening hours: mon – sun, 12pm – 12am

Visited in August 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦♦♦ (out of 5)

Knowledge of staff: My waitress was lovely, really friendly and helpful, took all my questions back to the kitchen staff.

Gluten free menu: No gluten free menu here, I’m afraid. Disappointing especially when they were really accommodating and clearly had lots on the menu that was gluten free. Major point off on the My Gluten Free Glasgow rating as a result.

What’s on offer: Burgers! And seriously good ones at that. I was majorly impressed with the gluten free buns – not as crumble-tastic as I’m used to. Big chunky gluten free tats were the business. They also have other dishes that they can do gluten free like pulled lamb, superfood salad and cajun chicken supreme. But, personally, if I were you I wouldn’t pass up the high quality burger experience.

More info: Can’t do burgers without beers? Fear not, Damm Daura gluten free beer is in the house.

Basically… One of the best gluten free burgers in Glasgow.

Pazzo Glasgow 69 Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow, G41 3YR

opening hours: mon – sat, 8.30 – 22.30;  sun, 10.00 – 21.00

Visited in July 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦

Knowledge of staff: I’ve tried Pazzo twice, once in the restaurant for lunch and once for a takeaway pizza. Unfortunately on both occasions I didn’t find the staff very knowledgeable or helpful when it came to explaining their gluten free offer. For example, when ordering the pizza I asked if the pepperoni was gluten free, after being put on hold for less than 5 seconds I was told they didn’t know. Really disappointing that no one checked.

Gluten free menu: There’s no separate gluten free menu, but the main menu says there are gluten free pizza bases and burger buns available. There’s no other indications on the menu about what’s gluten free, sadly.

What’s on offer:  To be honest I’m not completely sure what’s on offer for gluten free folk, the combination of poor menu and not great info from staff left me a little befuddled. Sardinian sausage and bean broth was lovely, pizza was pretty average. Also noticed some gluten free cookies on the counter.

More info: Pazzo Glasgow has just opened so I’m hoping they are open to some feedback from a critical friend.

Basically… An improved gluten free menu would go a long, long way.

Las Iguanas 16-20 West Nile St., Glasgow, G1 2PW

opening hours: mon – thurs, 10.00 – 23.00; fri – sat, 10.00 – 23.30; sun, 10.00 – 22.30

Visited in July 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow Rating: ♦♦♦♦½

Knowledge of staff: Staff were pretty alert to the whole gluten free issue, and made a point of bringing out gluten free dishes separately and straight to those who ordered them which is a good sign. Overall, an easy on the gluten free chat experience thanks to a really thorough gluten free menu.

Gluten free menu: Impressive gluten free menu available, just ask.

What’s on offer: Tons of South American dishes available off their gluten free menu. There’s lots of starters and tapas dishes like taco sharing platters, nachos and ceviche. Over ten choices of main course including the ximxin (chicken and crayfish in a lime and peanut sauce) which was delicious, chilli and steaks. There’s also salads, sides and three choices of pudding. A serious selection!

More info: To complete your gluten free Latin experience they even have Damm Daura a Spanish gluten free beer for £4.50 a bottle.

Basically… Solid choice for yer gluten free fiesta!

Hanoi Bike Shop 8 Ruthven Lane, Glasgow, G12 9BG

Opening hours: mon – thurs, 12.00 – 23.30; fri, 12.00 – 00.30;  sat, 11.00 – 00.30; sun, 11.00 – 23.00


Visited: July 2016

My Gluten Free Glasgow rating: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ½ (out of 5)

Knowledge of staff: Have to say I sometimes dread gluten free chat with waiters, they can be no fun for anyone. Hanoi Bike Shop was refreshing because there was little need to engage in any gluten free chat at all, so informative was their menu. Staff were pretty knowledgeable about gluten free issues on the couple of questions I did have (the chili oil stuff is GF by the way), but double checked with the kitchen anyway – fine by me.

Gluten free menu: Hanoi Bike Shop has a seriously good separate gluten free menu. They even have a gluten free drinks menu.

What’s on offer: Loads of different options on the menu including their famous pho noodle soups, curries, and street food like beef wrapped in betel leaves and sesame chicken livers. There’s lots of sides too and their prawn crackers are gluten free! Bonus. Sadly not their delicious peanut dip though which I remember fondly from pre-gluten free days. Hanoi Bike Shop also make their own tofu in-house.

More info: Most of the mains don’t come with a side so remember and factor that in and don’t be left rice-less. A wee half mark off there on account of value for money.

Basically… If it’s good enough for Beyonce it’s good enough for me.

Mother India’s Cafe   1355 Argyle St., Glasgow, G3 8AD

Opening hours: mon – thurs, 12.00 – 22.30; fri – sat, 12.00 – 23.00; sun, 12.00 – 22.00


My Gluten Free Glasgow rating: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ (out of 5)

Knowledge of staff:  Staff are friendly and knowledgeable about their gluten free menu.

Gluten free menu: Ask for their gluten free menu and you will get a version of their menu which lists all allergens, including gluten, dairy and nuts.

What’s on offer: You can breathe a sigh of relief, the vast majority of Mother India’s dishes are gluten free. That includes all the fav’s like butter chicken, chilli garlic chicken, saag paneer, fish pakora and many more. None of their breads are gluten free. But I strongly believe that gives you permission to eat your body weight in rice.

More info: You can’t book a table here, and even on a week night expect to queue for a table. Takeaways available.

Basically… Glasgow’s gluten free curry heavyweight